Coney Island Art Walls / by Jennifer Rappaport

On a spontaneous trip from Queens to Coney Island this week my friends and I came across the Coney Art Walls, a semi permanent installation of large murals painted and secured to particularly placed concrete walls next to Luna Park. The most exciting surprise was a lot of the artists whose work was displayed I could recognize! Miss Van, Shepard Ferry, How and Nosm, Maya Hayuk, Kenny Sharf are just a few of the artists that were featured. It was really a treat to wander into a fabulously curated maze of street art and discover which artist was on the next wall or even walk quickly to an artist we recognized peeking over the wall that stood in front of it. The sunshine and 80 degree weather made all the artwork shine even more and the crisp blue sky with roller coasters twisting upward into it was the perfect backdrop for the walls! These Art Walls seem to be part of an initiative to help Coney Island into a positive new version of itself. My boyfriend, who I love dearly, grew up in Coney Island in one of the many large concrete public housing buildings you see while on the board walk. He knows and loves Coney Island in a very different way then I do as a non native New Yorker but I think he would say the walls are a good addition to his neighborhood. Coney Island has been an accepting place for people from all walks of life with completely different upbringings and cultures. Take for instance the Mermaid Parade that happens every year, a fabulous display of the weird and accepting vibe that Coney Island is known for. I think the Walls are vibrant, fun and a little weird, perfect for Coney Island! 

To see the walls for yourself, which I would totally recommend, take the F, D, N, Q trains to the last stop in Brooklyn! I would recommend going on a weekday/weeknight  or in the morning on a weekend. Enjoy!